• A snap-on "shield" that adds 6 new alligator connections to a Makey Makey® for a total of 12.

  • Provides connection to a Lego® construction.

  • Musical instruments can have a full octave plus 4 notes, for a full musical range to play tunes.

12 cables 2.JPG

Line up the WASDFG pins with the Makey header sockets, to the "left" side of the Makey where the "wasdfg" socket is (not the "mouse control" socket.)  Push the pins into the sockets. The WASDFG keys are now easily accessible using alligators, in addition to the existing arrow, space and mouseclick, providing a total of 12 connections for your musical instruments and other inventions.


Adding WASDFG/Makey to a Lego construction:  Attach the enclosed bolts and nuts to the holes on the WASDFG through a Lego "beam", finger tight.  The boards can then be inserted onto any Lego brick construction.


Note: WASDFG is NOT a Makey Makey. Illustrations are here for the purpose of showing how to attach the WASDFG to Makey Makey, Cheep Cheep, Vilros FunForce Touch Controller and the many Asian models which are available.  WASDFG complements Makey Makey and similar products which are Licensed Under Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0) and may be based on the  open source SparkFun MaKeyMaKey  used under Creative Commons ShareAlike 4.0 International License. "MAKEY MAKEY" is a registered trademark of Makey Makey LLC.  The WASDFG product has no affiliation or endorsement by  Makey Makey LLC, LittleBird Electronics, Vilros or any other company.