Six Day Calendar Program

SixDay Calendar is a web app that lets teachers manage their schedules in schools that use "six day" rotation schedules, which are notoriously confusing and impossible to enter into calendaring programs like Google Calendar.  With the SixDay Calendar, a teacher enters their schedule for a single "cycle", and the web app automatically sends an importable .ics file containing all of the class meetings for the entire year, properly located in each day, corresponding to the "letter" day. For more information, please contact  You can see how the program works by

Clicking HERE 

This page is hosted on the same web site as Architectronics' other products, which are for STEM.  The Scheduler is a product which we customize for your school to make it possible for teachers to enter their schedules for a single cycle, and receive an .ics file containing every class meeting for the year, automatically positioned in the correct location.  Click through the slide show for the workflow and please contact for pricing.

Take a look at this slide show to see the SixDay Calendar web app work flow: