Faculty Seminar February 4, 2017



become familiar with coding in Processing

learn how to use sensors as input to time-based drawing


Introduction to Processing

Designed for artists



installing files from www.processing.org

installing the demonstration files



Interface board


Pratt2017A: no sensors



using the mouse location

drawing an object

scanning for keyboard input

using an "if" clause



Pratt2017B: adding sensors

Adding sensors into the mix:  which ones are on your board?

numbering system 0 to 7 from top left

declaring variables for sensors

adding or exchanging sensors

watching the sensor values

using the map function to get the proper range of the sensors

toggle between drawing mode (static background) and animation mode (refreshed background)

try to get control of the drawing process using a pair of sensors





Pratt2017C: more sensors

adding color control and size

how to wire up a sensor 


Student applications and their results

Student Processing application