PlotSense Data Plotting Software

PlotSense displays realtime data from analog sensors connected to hardware including FunKey Super, Arduino, Microbit, and Adafruit boards such as the Circuit Playground Express. Install the Arduino file into the board using the Arduino IDE, or for Microbit, drag the .hex file.  Unzip and install the PlotSense application on your computer.  No additional installation files needed. For the app, you will need to "accept" it using the security settings.  Connect the board using the USB cable, run the PlotSense app.
  • Displays data from up to 8 sensors in real time
  • Start/stop and scrolling to see previous data
  • Measurement between events
  • Export data to csv format
  • Set sampling interval
  • Set scaling and axis labeling
  • Zoom a window for more detail

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  • Sensor checkboxes:  enable up to 8 channels of sensor input, varies by board.  Sensor data is also displayed at the top right and in coded colors

  • start/stop/clear: control the flow of the display of data.  When stopped, the scroll bar will show all the data collected

  • Measuring Tape:  when stopped, you can click and drag to measure value and time differentials of data peaks or valleys

  • X and Y axis can be set

  • At any time during dynamic data display, you can drag a window to zoom in on a data range.  ESC key to restore full range

  • Full Scale Mode allows data to be streamed in a window, or dynamically "compressed" on the fly from the beginning of the data capture

  • Sampling rate can be controlled from 30 ms on up

  • Data can be written to a file in csv format which records triples of channel number, timestamp and data value for all 8 channels

Using the Circuit Playground Express as a pendulum with PlotSense