JSDuino is a plug-and-play system that lets you connect microcontrollers to Javascript.  You can use JSDuino with Microbit's internal sensors or external sensors.  You can buy sensors and/or a preloaded Microbit on the BUY page, or download and install the JSDuino hex file on your Microbit.

Example: pot controls JavaScript graphics:

Video created by Michael Zitolo
See additional videos below, and consult the description below.
Here's the link to click on:

With JSDuino, you can use sensor input directly in Javascript without drivers or plug-ins of any kind. 

--load the hex file onto Microbit

--open Chrome

--click on the link

--run the code, edit, save to your hard drive...

Here's the Microbit file to load, use either one of these approaches:  
(right-click and "save link as")
(download and unzip)
This file will replace whatever you have loaded on your Microbit.  Be sure you know how to restore the Microbit's default .hex file so you can return it to "normal" functioning. Then drag the .hex file to the Microbit's "drive icon", which will load this firmware. 


Be sure to run in Chrome. Also, be sure to close the code windows before you launch another link. If you have trouble, you may have to close Chrome and then reopen it before going to these links.

Note:  Special extra P5JS functions like analogRead() have been created to give access to onboard sensors as well as external sensors attached to Microbit ports. See examples.

Possible error:  If you have an older Microbit with earlier firmware, you may get an error like: "the connected Microbit does not support webUSB". If so, you need to upgrade the firmware on your Microbit to use JSDuino.  Go here: https://microbit.org/get-started/user-guide/firmware/ upgrade the firmware and then install the JSDuino .hex file

Video created by Michael Zitolo
Here's the link to click on:

Video created by Michael Zitolo
Here's the link to click on:

Video created by Michael ZitoloHere's the link to click on: https://www.elasticmind.com/JSDuinoMbit/index.html?file=analogValueGraphing.js

Video created by Michael Zitolo
Here's the link to click on: https://www.elasticmind.com/JSDuinoMbit/index.html?file=pulseSensorSimple.js

Video created by Michael Zitolo
This video explains how the pulse sensor device works.