Make Music and Percussion Instruments

FunKey Simple and FunKey Super in Keystroke Mode use alligator clips to send keystrokes back to a program like Scratch.  Holding a clip attached to ground, you can touch clips attached to any of the other ports.  The keystrokes can be sensed by a program like Scratch to make sounds.  You can attach the clips to any conductive material like fruit, paper clips, copper tape, etc.  You can also use the special ports with arrow keys, space and click to make a game controller of your own design, and play existing games or write your own.  FunKey Simple is always in "keystroke mode"
With FunKey Super you have the alligator clip features, but also have the ability to attach sensors to the ports, and no longer need to hold on to the ground clip at all.  You can make wind chimes, air guitars and the like.  You can use the joystick component to make a retro game controller.  KeyStroke mode is the default when you first fire up FunKey Super, and you can set it at any time using W-H.
You can also use Keystroke Mode for simple timing of the movement of objects using two IR reflection sensors, one on each of two keystrokes, and some very simple Scratch code.