Products for Citizen Science and STEM education


Because together we can change what's wrong


  • simple affordable sensor interface board

  • sensor bundles

  • data plotting software

  • data sharing site

  • curriculum and videos

  • portable battery operated

  • onboard display or SmartPhone


  • water quality testing and reporting

  • pollution testing and reporting

  • all kinds of environmental measurements

  • STEM and physics experiments

The Team

  • Stephen Lewis: Director

  • Karioki Crosby: Curriculum Development

  • Deqing Sun: Engineering

  • Peiqi Su: Product Design, UI, UX


Air Quality monitoring with "Tattle Tail" version of MakeSense, measuring exhaust emissions with both onboard display and SmartPhone Bluetooth connection

Water Quality: temperature monitoring, pH, soil moisture with MakeSense and sensors

STEM activities using MakeSense: free fall measurement and ramp acceleration.