MakeOver add-on for MakeyMakey®-compatible boards

  • Make music with 12 notes, not just 6

  • Use Sensors

  • "No touch", no holding a ground wire

  • Science experiments using Scratch, Python, Javascript, ...

  • Speed, acceleration, free fall, ...

  • Input/Output: sensors control outputs like LEDs, motors and buzzers: no computer needed

MakeOver is a snap-on "shield" for MakeyMakey-compatible "banana piano" boards that adds incredible new functionality

Note: MakeOver is a product of Architectronics, and has NO connection with Joylabz, the makers of the open-source Makey Makey product.  MakeOver also works with similar products like the FunForce and Cheep Cheep boards, as well as other open-source designs.

Note: All Architectronics products are protected under copyright, utility and design patents pending.


Input Output: Control Motors and LEDs

Speed and Acceleration with Scratch

Tilt A Sketch For MakeOver or FunKey