MakeSense Workshop at ITP  July 7, 2015


Make!Sense MAX USB 

Sensor board that supports 8 inputs with keystroke and data stream modes

Comes with a wide array of versatile and interesting sensors

Works with Scratch and Processing, as well as other languages

Can be used to invent phyiscal interfaces for existing games



Sensor board that supports 8 analog inputs in datastream mode with data plotter and logger

Allows students and teachers to perform physics and chemistry experiments with simple materials

Speed, acceleration, temperature, weather, etc.




Our newest board:  Input/Output board that can take sensor input and control outputs like motors, lights, anything via solid state relay.  Plug and play. 


Features of the boards and sensor sets:


Easier than Arduino

Very inexpensive

Lots of nice cheap sensors:  heartbeat, photocell, thermistor, breakbeam, IR ranging, moisture, sound, conductive rubber...

ANY analog sensor will work:  dozens available from SeeedStudio, Adafruit, Sparkfun, etc.


Open source

Communicates via USB


Supports andy analog sensor

Good for teaching (no coding learning curve)

Good for prototyping and inventing

Supports all languages in keystroke mode.  Keystroke assignments can be easily configured.

Can translate sensor values into keystrokes and thus work with ANY program without coding: games, music programs, ...