Keystroke Mode for the Make!Sense Max USB board


Keystroke Mode


Keystroke mode is used to have your sensors send back keystrokes via the USB port to any program, whether it's an existing game you want to retrofit with a physical interface of your design, or whether it's one you've written in Scratch or some other game-building program.  All programming languages support keystroke input, so you simply assign sensor values to keystrokes, then create simple code in your programming language to interpret what to do when those keystrokes are received.  We will be replacing the Java configuator with native Mac and PC apps and improving the UI as soon as we can.  We KNOW it's clunky.


Go for it:


--Download one of the Make!Sense Configurator Java runtimes below. (you must have Java installed)

--Unzip the downloaded .zip file

--Click on it to launch the Make!Sense Configurator 


Download the Java configuration program for Mac at this link:



For Yosemite, try this:


The Windows version is at:


Watch the video to see how to assign keystrokes to sensor values.  Or see it on YouTube by clicking here.


If you are using the new Mavericks or Yosemite operating system on your Mac, you must go to 


  • SystemPreferences/Security&Privacy

  • Unlock the menu

  •  "allow applications downloaded from:"

  • set this to "anywhere"


This is a common problem with Mavericks and Yosemite.  For more details you can search the web for "install Java on Mavericks" or go to


Follow the Step 1 to modify the system security settings to allow Java programs to run.


Please note:  we are rebuilding the Keystroke Configurator as a native app for Mac and PC, which will make it easier to work with the Configurator.  Thanks for your patience.