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Glassmouse invigorates streetscapes and mallscapes with invisible interactivity.

Any store window becomes an interactive space for showcasing products, games, or information.

Gesture sensors inside the glass track hand movements to control screen imagery.


Outdoor advertising is everywhere, digital billboards, retail storefronts, in malls, and on the street.


Paper images have given way to digital, and slideshows have given way to video. It's gotten louder and brighter, but it fails to capture our attention.


Because we have changed. We have become accustomed to interactivity and engagement.


Glassmouse is gesture recognition system which allows retailers to invite passers by to interact with digital content through their store window. Sensors on the inside of the glass let users control the screen from outside.


Intuitive (bottom left).png
  • Natural, touchless UX

  • Nested menus allow easy navigation through large volume of images

  • Gesture recognition

  • For simple or complex information

  • Compatible with any monitor 

  • Single or multiple sensors for simple or complex information

  • Different sensor configurations allow flexible functionality

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  • Immune to weather and vandalism

  • No maintenance 

  • Easy installation

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