FunKey Freedom Ports, Sensors, Outputs and cables

All Ports on the FunKey board have three connections: power (+), ground)(-) and signal(s).  This goes for inputs as well as outputs.  Inputs include sensors like light, temperature, pushbutton, IR reflection, IR proximity, heartbeat, and others.  Outputs include LEDs, RGB LEDs, buzzers, servo motors, and items attached to our available Solid State Relay.


It's REALLY important to wire components correctly.  The ports on the board are all labeled with small characters "s", "+", and "-".  Almost all the components themselves have just three labeled pins, though it varies a bit as to how they are labeled.  Here's what you'll find:


On a component

 + may be labeled "vcc", "+", "+5V"

- may be labled "gnd"

signal may be labeled "out", "s", "i/o", "sig", "A0" or "D0".  At any rate, it's the one NOT labeled "vcc" or "gnd".


Exceptions: Joystick, RGB LED, Leds, tilt sensor, temp sensor, light sensor, motion detector. 


Sound complicated?  It's not really, but we're giving you the real stuff, not canned packaged elements that restrict your ability and imagination.


Cables.  Three kinds of cables may be included in your FunKey kit: 


--a bunch of single female/female header cables, in a flat ribbon of 20.  Tear off a group of three for many uses.


--a triple female/female header cable.  The triple is really handy, but does not work with every input or output because the order of the connections +,-,s may not match the triple header cable, so you may have to use three single cables to make the connection


--a cable with a triple female/female header attached to the component.  This is even more handy, as you simply plug it in to a port.  The servo motor and yellow IR reflection sensor have attached cables.


With any of the cables you have to pay attention to where the s, + and - are oriented on the FunKey's ports, it varies in orientation, but is labeled on each port.  For connections to sensors and outputs the rule is simple: Always connect + to +, - to - and signal to signal.