FunKey Freedom

--Banana piana” with 18 keystrokes instead of only 6

--play music or send keystrokes to Scratch

--touch mode, no ground wire to hold

--stand-alone battery-powered mode with speaker (connect battery pack to white connector, speaker to Click and Ground)

--extremely affordable price

--large board

--optional advanced modes: sensors, input/output, Scratch and Javascript coding

FunKey Freedom is an invention lab, a music lab, a science lab and a coding lab rolled into one easy-to-use, snap-together, plug-and-play, super-fun, very affordable package.  It provides a learning platform that works perfectly and simply right out of the box. FunKey Freedom has built-in optional more advanced modes as well.

We recognize that teaching STEM topics can be difficult because of the complexity of getting a typical Arduino up and running in a learning situation.  FunKey Super gets you started right out of the box without coding, installations, or drivers of any kind.  Just plug and play and invent.  Click on any mode below for more information.  You change modes by simply connecting an alligator clip to the indicated connections of the board (letter pairs) and plugging the board into a USB. Then disconnect the alligator clip.  It sets to a new mode and stays that way until reprogrammed.  Click on any of the titles below to see more about each mode.


Keystroke Mode (W/H) runs right out of the box without any installation or coding.


I/O Special mode (F/L) runs out of the box connecting sensors and outputs with USB power or battery power.  Just plug in our sensors and outputs and start inventing.  The connectors are pre-configured to allow a servo motor to be connected, and to provide connections that accomodate sensors whether they are "active high" or "active low".


Arduino Mode with Breakout Connectors (no mode, just connect the Arduino IDE) Since FunKey has a full Arduino chip onboard, you can program it in Arduino mode with the Arduino IDE, if and when you and your students are ready.  But even at that level it’s a better Arduino board than anything out there, because it has snap-in inputs and outputs instead of headers and breadboards, which are difficult to work with and hard to assemble and keep track of.  




LED monocolor

LED RGB multicolor

Servo motor

Hobby motor or any other "heavy" load


Sensors available

Earclip heartbeat sensor


IR distance ranging sensor

IR proximity sensor


Soil Moisture sensor


Touch sensor


Tilt sensor

Motion Sensor

Submersible temperature sensor


Any other analog sensor can be used with the addition of a resistor to form a voltage divider.