FunKey Freedom

--"Banana piana” with 12 keystrokes instead of only 6

--touch mode, no ground wire to hold

--battery-powered mode with speaker

--use with or without computer

--connect to Scratch or stand-alone

--extremely affordable price

--large board

--optional advanced modes: sensors, input/output, Scratch and Javascript coding

Alexis builds an instrument with Scratch

Katie builds a stand-alone battery-powered instrument

FunKey Freedom is an invention lab, a music lab, a science lab and a coding lab rolled into one easy-to-use, snap-together, plug-and-play, super-fun, very affordable package.  It provides a learning platform that works perfectly and simply right out of the box. FunKey Freedom has built-in optional more advanced modes as well.

Banana Piana: 12 notes, no ground wire
with or without computer
Sensor-empowered Scratch
light theremin
interactive constructions
science experiments