FunKey Simple is an invention lab, a music lab, a science lab and a coding lab rolled into one easy-to-use, snap-together, plug-and-play, super-fun, very affordable package.  It provides a learning platform that works perfectly and simply right out of the box. FunKey Super is a more advanced version that can take sensors, and has many additional modes.  But for sheer ease of use, FunKey Simple is great.

FunKey Simple:


Make almost anything into a control:  fruit, foil, coins, pencil markings, your nose. 18 keys.  Play a symphony! Control the world!  Want to choose different keys? The drag-and-drop app lets you re-assign the 18 connections to any keystrokes you like. 


More information on reprogramming: click here


Unique features:  


--supports all the “banana piana” features of similar keystroke-emulator products but with 18 keystrokes instead of only 6

--extremely affordable price:

--drag and drop app to reprogram any of the keys  (video)

-- two-hole alligator clip connection for all the key and mouse functions, instead of awkward and unreliable wire headers

--uses USB “micro” standard cable, not the older “mini”

--uses gold plating instead of solder plate for more durability and a better connection

--large board is easy to use, gives your alligators plenty of room to swim around

--hole spacing exactly matches Lego(r) size and spacing and can be integrated into a Lego construction

--can be built into cardboard constructions using supplied connectors