Demo of how to use Blockly Mode with a Photocell or similar sensor

connect G and M, board is NOT plugged in

plug in USB cable, board should switch to programming mode and show the led lit

Unplug board from USB, connect a sensor to channel "M" (A0)

You MUST use Google Chrome.  plug USB cable into computer.  This should pop up in the top right, click on it.  See below if it does not pop up

You should see this window.  You may have to click the "connect" button The values for the channels are to the right, look at 0 only

Click "run blocks fullspeed" to run the code

The value display 0 should track the sensor value on a scale from 0 to 1024

If the window on the upper right did not appear, you can load the Blockly program from this link

More info at the Blockly/Javascript menu item.