FunKey: The Kindernet of ThingsTM


Affordable plug-and-play products for STEM, science, invention, physical computing and coding. 


Products include FunKey Freedom, WASDFG, JSDuino, SpeedDemon


--multiple modes built in:

Input/Output, block programming, Scratch, Arduino

--keystroke input using sensors: breakbeam, tilt, touch, ...

--direct input/output connections for up to 8 pairs of analog input sensors and output components like LEDs, buzzers, servo motors...

--battery-power for independent input/output mode

--control a servo motor directly, no coding required

--control larger loads through a solid state relay board 

--sensors available include IR breakbeam, light,  touch, tilt, distance, temperature, heartbeat, pushbutton, joystick, ...

--"Banana Piana" type of functionality

--18 keystrokes

--easily reconfigured to any keystrokes using simple app

--all alligator, no "headers"

--touch sensitive using finger, aluminum foil, fruit, etc.


FunKey Super

FunKey Simple